Consumer Junk is rough, brutal and technoid

In 2013 Consumer Junk, Gerwin van Ruiswijk (producer) en Niels Muijen, started working together with the revolutionary Art group Must We Unite (Marcel Verschoor and Nicole van Rietschoten) which resulted in a successful EP with tracks inspired by the brutal artwork of this Art group. Marcel joined Consumer Junk in 2013 as band member. 

In 2014 a storm broke loose: The single Gruftibahn 11 became a hit in The German Alternative Charts (DAC) while the EP Must We Unite gained plays on itunes, spotify, bandcamp etc as well. Etienne Baegen, former drummer of KinKobra teamed up with Consumer Junk. In autumn 2014 Consumer Junk is touring the clubs. Be prepared for a high energy live experience!

The single Gruftibahn 11 that scored high in the German charts will be released in The Netherlands later this year.




Gerwin van Ruiswijk

Gerwin van Ruiswijk

Artificial Intelligence

Niels Muijen


Artificial Flavours

Marcel Verschoor


Artificial Colours

Etienne Baegen


Artificial Noise

The Founding father of Consumer Junk writes and produces the material. Origination from The Netherlands where he started making music at a young age he played in several bands before he started Consumer Junk.

On stage: Synths, Keytar, Vocoder, Theremin, Vocals

Achieved: Composer/vocalist of Silence (Dutch rock)
Composer NDex (electronic down tempo)
Co-writer/vocalist, keyplayer, vocoder for NG-Pro.
Remixes (Grendel, Schwarzblut, Agonoize, Vigilante, and many more)
Some movie-music

Flavors: Fugazi, Au4, Goose, Unkle, Juno Reactor

Multi instrumentalist who started at the age of 12 to experiment with keyboards, tape decks and mixing.

On stage: Guitar, Keys

Achieved: Co-writer and Vocalist for NG-Pro. Multi instrumentalist in many bands: Synth, Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Mac

Flavors: Front 242, Slayer, Cobalt 60, Rufus Wainwright, Cult of Luna, Miles Davis, Dan Tyminkski, Luc Arbogast

This Artist/DJ/VJ is the live VJ for Consumer Junk. He had many exhibitions in Europe. Together with Nicole van Rietschoten he founded the Art group Must We Unite in 2012.

On stage: Visuals

Achieved: Art-exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Kayseri, BRNO and many other
European cities.

DJ: over 1000 shows in numerous clubs and festivals in The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Belgium, Turkey

Flavors: New Model Army, The King Blues, Anti-Flag, Prodigy, Goose.

The beast behind the drums! His drumming is like a thunderstorm, loud and tense. He toured all over europe with several bands (like KinKobra a.o.)

Endorser for Paiste Cymbals

On stage: Drums.

Achieved: Played in all the large clubs and several radio and tv shows with KinKobra.
Did support shows for: Anathema, Triggerfinger, Intwine, Aqua D’annique and many others.

Flavors: Papa Roach, Sevendust, Glamour of the Kill, Nine Inch Nails, In This Moment.