Consumer Junk

Rough-Brutal-Technoid. Three words to describe Consumer Junk’s universe.

In 2010, producer Gerwin van Ruiswijk settles the foundation of the band with the release of the album “Product” under the artist name Consumer Junk. The album showcases what he stands for: uncompromising raw Electro with Techno and Dance influences. In addition to the pounding beats, “Product” is inspired by the excesses of our consumer society which creates a lot of “consumer junk”. The album is well received and leads to some exclusive live performances. In 2013 Gerwin van Ruiswijk starts working with the art group Must We Unite (Marcel Verschoor and Nicole van Rietschoten). Must We Unite designs paintings on which isolated figures play the leading role.

The main theme in the works of Must We Unite is: the strength of the people and the overthrow of existing structures and regimes, questioning if what is right or wrong and what will be the consequences. This collaboration resulted in successful EP with tracks inspired by Must We Unite’s artworks. Consequently, Marcel Verschoor joins as band member, focusing on the visual experiences for the live shows

In 2014 the single “Gruftibahn 11” hits The German Alternative Charts (DAC) while the EP “Must We Unite” gains plays on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. The same year Niels Muijen and drummer Etienne Baegen join the band for a complete live band experience. Gerwin Van Ruijwisk and Niels Muijen used to collaborate in the band NG-Pro with 3 album releases. Etienne Baegen is known from rockband KinKobra.

The following years, Consumer Junk plays live at numerous venues and festivals in the Netherlands such as Tivoli, P60, de Duycker or Baroeg Open Air and starts to work on a new full-length album “The Gift of Aggression” late 2017.

With the new record, the band keeps the electronic roots of Consumer Junk, but also assimilates the years of experience as a full live act. The songs see more progressions with chords, breaks and choruses yet keeping the Dance groove and Electro sounds. The themes of “The Gift of Aggression” are in the continuity of the previous works: consumerism, conflicts, uprising...

In 2018 Niels Muijen parts ways with the band. The three remaining members decide to push even further towards the direction taken with the new album and recruit Yannick Wattiau on the guitars for a new sound and energy on stage. Yannick brings his influences from the Extreme Metal world to introduce chunky and aggressive riffs next to the already exsisting tuneful solos in Consumer Junk’s music.

Be prepared for a high energy musical and visual live experience!

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New album Pusher Out Now!

Ladies and gentlemen.. the album is OUT NOW!!! Released the 28th of april 2015 on Walboomers Recordsavailable on almost every digital platform.. Check here for I-Tunes and Spotify! 



New single Pushed Out Now!

Our new single Pushed is released today on Walboomers Records! 

Go get it on I-Tunes, YouTubeand Spotify! 

At the end of march our full length album "Pusher" will be in stores. 



The recordings of our upcoming album, single and videoclip are done!  We are looking forward to the official release this spring!